We’re here to help tomorrow’s technology leaders to successfully mobilise and realise Inclusive Innovation.

We want to break down barriers and light up pathways through the complex realm of emerging technology innovation, championing equality, diversity and inclusion.

We offer mentoring and consultancy, accessible insight and purposeful connection, equipping tech pioneers with all they need to appreciate, activate and demonstrate the power of Inclusive Innovation.

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We’re on a mission to spearhead equality, diversity and inclusion in technology innovation, by:

  • Guiding and supporting progressive digital and technology leaders to forge new innovation pathways, via Inclusive Innovation Strategy.
  • Nurturing and empowering tech leaders and founders who are proven to be excluded or overlooked.

Our aim is to become the leading global consulting partner of choice for ‘Edge’ technologists.

We believe in the power of technology innovation to deliver positive impact for people and planet.  We advocate for a fair and balanced distribution of opportunity and impact.

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Our Services


We help technology leaders to validate, design and develop innovation fairly and inclusively, efficiently and effectively. We major on Inclusive Innovation Strategy to minimise the risk of expensive errors and blind-spots, protect brand reputation and build investor confidence.


We mentor and nurture under-represented technology pioneers to grow with their business, so they develop and demonstrate vital leadership credentials from Day 1. We support Adaptive Leadership, helping people take a proactive, conscious lead in today’s diverse, complex and volatile operating environments.


We facilitate purposeful connection, so ‘Edge’ leaders can meet, engage and interact with the stakeholders who support and matter to their success.

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Contact Us

We want to hear from the ‘Edge’ leaders in tech. Technology innovation leaders and challengers who perhaps don’t ‘fit’ the standard norm. The penguin image is a cryptic clue as to why. If you can guess why we chose a penguin; if you’d like us to explain; or if you have any other questions about our work, please contact us, using the form below.

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