here, every one is welcome.

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We seed and share alternative insight and thought leadership perspectives, to help people make sense of emergent change and transformation.

We design and embed emergent models and frameworks, to help people activate and realise emergent change; in their personal life, in communities, and in organisations.

We cultivate accessible spaces, for social activists, innovators, change-makers and deep thinkers to rest, discover, grow, contribute and connect.

Our Root Intention is to develop connective experiences that help people to ignite, inspire, nurture and evolve powerful social change networks.

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We are here for change-makers: social activists, visionaries, community leaders, grass-roots organisers and campaigners.

Our mission is to seed capacity and momentum for social progress through Emergent Change Dynamics.

Our vision is limitless.

We are here to inform and ignite the agenda for social progress.

We are future-focused.

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Lean Up-Start

This is not a Start-Up. This is an Up-Start.

Here, there is no finished product.

We work from, with and through emergence.

We appreciate that change involves flow, motion, flux and shift, of inter-connected things, acting, moving, connecting and resting at different and varying rates, within the same space or frame of time.

It means we make things (and keep on making them) iteratively and responsively.

What does it mean for you?

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