How we Re-Work

We work on a Reciprocal Contribution basis.

We ground this in a restorative, emergent and inclusive model of work, which we call RE-WORK.

We offer our Contributions and Resources, in the form of insight wisdom, space, time and energy freely to anyone who is in need. We do so for the intrinsic value of contribution, in a spirit of service and legacy; not charity. We do so with no expectation of return contribution, in response.

We openly invite reciprocal Contributions and Resources, from those who appreciate the time, space and energy we offer.

Here, the value of contribution in a spirit of legacy and service is accessible to every one.

During our exploration phase, we appreciate offers.

In this phase, we are not asking for any other Contributions from any one to nurture and sustain this space.

We do not advocate for extractive, neo-liberal “free” – market capitalist economic ways of working. We do however, recognise the reality that that is the dominant paradigm for how almost every one lives and works today.

We do not collect and harvest personal data for the purposes of selling any one Superfluous Stuff – or persuading any one otherwise.

We do collect, analyse and serve some aggregated, anonymised personal data in this space for the purposes of checking how our spaces are working for people and illustrating how that process works.

Deep Dive

You may wish to explore the ideas on this page by watching or listening to this short film trailer content by First Run Features.

Or, alternatively by listening or watching this TED Talk by Matthieu Ricard on YouTube: How to let altruism be your guide.

We recognise that this content may not be suitable or accessible for every one, especially those who are experiencing profound suffering or harm.