During our exploration phase, we appreciate these gifts:

  1. Saying NO, i do not have capacity to Deal With This Thing.
  2. Insights that help us to understand your individual, human experiences when interacting with our space. This gift will support our Emergent Development activation process. We prefer to receive these gifts as direct 1 to 1, face-to-face conversations. We also provide commenting features to make it more accessible;
  3. Hands-on, pro-active help to develop our spaces “in the back-ground”, and their content “in the fore-ground”. This gift will help make our spaces more accessible and relevant for people like you. We are open to having introductory conversations with people who wish to contribute in this way. We are open to all Contributions of this kind. from every one.
  4. Specific advice on working, legal structural models that accommodate and support RE-WORK. We are considering a Co-Operative model.
  5. Financial gifts to help cover the financial resource costs of the WordPress hosting and platform fees for this space.