Accessibility matters #0001 v1.1: CLARITY rules

Accessible content is short, clear and simple.

It is easy for every one to understand what it means.

“T’in Hardd”

Mae cynnwys hygyrch yn fyr, yn glir ac yn syml.

Mae’n hawdd i bawb ddeall beth mae’n ei olygu.

“Tu Es Belle”

Le contenu accessible est court, clair et simple.

Il est facile pour chacun de comprendre ce que cela signifie.

“Jesteś Piękna”

Dostępne treści są krótkie, jasne i proste.

Każdy łatwo zrozumie, co to znaczy.

Offer us a translation.

The aim is to translate the short initial statement above into as many languages and accessible formats as possible. Use the below form to gift us a translation or contact us if you can offer human-centric accessible formats (for example, sign language or braille document format). We are working on audio and video formats behind the scenes.

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